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June 17, 2020, 2:44 am
  1. A Brief Introduction to Blackjack - This article is about a brief introduction to the game of blackjack, how it is played and the values of the cards used in the game. Remember that 10-value cards dominate the deck so special attention must be given to these cards if you want to win against the game.
  2. Basic Blackjack knowledge for beginners - There is some rules and strategies for beginner to understand in playing blackjack. When you must surrender, doubling down, hitting, standing, splitting, insurance and even money? What is the different between those strategies?
  3. Beating the Blackjack Dealer - Blackjack is a popular game of skills and strategy. Having a sound blackjack strategy is top priority to win over the powerful blackjack dealer.
  4. Black Jack for the Family - Black jack can be a versatile cards game not only gamblers but also families can enjoy. Several added gimmicks and perks can put color to it for a whole new card game.
  5. Blackjack Chips and Bets - Be familiar with the color codes for blackjack chips and where to place your bet before heading straight to the casino to play. While inside if you are not sure of the blackjack chips and the betting, just ask the dealerit is part of their job description to help.
  6. Player Options - This article is about some of the game options in blackjack which when exercised correctly will definitely work to the player's advantage. Unlike the dealer, you, as a player, have a number of options available to you. These options are very important and must be taken advantage of in all situations.
  7. Should You Play Blackjack Single Deck and Double Decks? - Single deck and double decks can be profitable for card counters. Avoid 6-5 blackjack. Play double-deck with high penetration, standard rules and low minimum bet.
  8. Shuffle Tracking: Eye the Aces and Earn Millions - Shuffle tracking is a visual tracking of the favorable cards in a deck during shuffle. It also uses the techniques of card counting. This blackjack strategy makes it impossible for casino surveillance to track players using it.
  9. Some Blackjack Rule Variations - Blackjack rules change from one casino to another. Dealer hitting on soft 17 increases the house edge. Doubling, splitting and early surrender are good for the player.
  10. Tips on Increasing Your Wins in Blackjack - The inherent love of the game of blackjack has encouraged us to look for ways in increasing our chances of winning the game. Tips in playing blackjack and overcoming the predicament posed by the many combinations of cards.
  11. Understanding The Gamble - Playing blackjack professionally requires nerves of steel to be able to emotionally handle the losing streaks that do occur. Gambling is not all about skills but it is also about luck.
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